Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things I need to do in the next week:

  1. Find out my grades for the semester
  2. Prepare for best holiday dinner party ever hosted in the Jape:
    1. Prepare 25 spinach and mushroom cannelloni stuffed with garlic, goat cheese and ricotta
    2. Make 5 dozen of Nonna’s taralli
    3. Figure out how the hell to pull off matzo-ball soup for 25 people
    4. Buy 3 bottles of champagne for blackberry basil bellini… and make it
    5. Buy peppermint schnapps for scratch hot chocolate and mint liquor
    6. Clean apartment
    7. Have amazing dinner party with screening of best Griswold film ever
  3. Go to New Hampshire for 3 days: sleeping, “skiing”
  4. Do all of my Christmas shopping
  5. Work
  6. Go to NYC for 3 days: see movies, go to museum, see Schley, ice skate, have fabulous food
  7. Take mother to dinner and to see local production of “A Christmas Carol”
  8. Buy all ingredients for Christmas meal, to include
    1. Roast Chicken
    2. Roasted vegetables, including carrots, celery, onion, fennel, and potatoes
    3. Pastina (Christmas soup) with mini meatballs
    4. Stuffing
    5. Mashed Potatoes
    6. Green bean casserole
    7. Creamed Pearl Onions
    8. Taralli
    9. Pizzelle
    10. Apple Pie
    11. Chocolate Coconut Layer Cake
    12. Cheesecake
    13. Champagne cocktails
    14. Whiskey!
  9. Go to parents’ house, cook entire Christmas meal
  10. Celebrate holiday with graceful air, no stress, and relaxed disposition


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