Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A week(end) in review.

My weekend, despite working a half-day on Friday, began on Thursday. It was awesome. Whomever invented the pretzel-toss needs a prize. Which reminds me: I need to make caramel apples soon.

Then I traveled across the state to pay homage to some sweet foliage and friendship. Then I drank a martini in a railway tunnel. And bought an awesome jacket. I'm a consumer, but a damn good one, sometimes.

This was followed by some pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving, much like cake decorating and egg dyeing, is one of those activities that seems exciting in the abstract that you don’t have the foresight to stop yourself before the top comes off (okay, maybe more like karaoke at Hong Kong’s than egg dyeing). And considering how much I love all things pumpkin, it seems strange that I still gag (literally) when I’m reaching for the guts of my beloved gourd.

The face came out cute though.

I also ate pumpkin ravioli and apple & brie pizza-- both of which were too sweet. I'm going to perfect both on my own, though.

I saw the two worst movies ever made this weekend, too. Plan 9 from Outer Space was awesomely bad and totally worth watching, and Bright Star made me want to kill John Keats with TB all over again. And I think he’d agree to it if he saw the movie. Lots of awkward moments and even more melodramatic wailing by a 19th century fashion criminal. Oh, and it was 2 hours long.

I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t go to Europe in January, but I’m also pretty sure I’m going to anyway. I need to see Paris again, but is this a good idea in winter? Of course not. It is, however, much cheaper than going in July. Maybe it would be nice right after Christmas and the New Year and whatnot? Also: Strasbourg, Schwarzwald, the Swiss Alps, and maybe something in provence before circling back to Paris. Amazing, right? Come with!

Weirdly, despite eating more ice cream than is good for me lately, I've maintained my weight loss from a few weeks ago. I guess I'll take it as a favor from the gods and try to keep it going. No excuses, and no pain.

Probably going to write again tonight.

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